Rail Transportation



The two largest railroad carriers in North America, Union Pacific Railroad (UP) and Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad (BNSF), offer mainline service to Muskogee’s largest industrial parks, including the Port of Muskogee.

UP’s heavily traveled main line, connecting Chicago and Houston, goes through Muskogee, and UP’s Muskogee Yard is within a few miles of the Port. UP delivers cars to the Port’s marshaling yard five days a week.

Throughout its 5.5 miles of railroad in the Port, the Port of Muskogee Railroad provides daily service to Port Industries for Class 1 interchange, cargo transfer and storage.

Throughout the Port’s 4.5 mile Midland Valley Branch Line, south of Muskogee, UP serves industries at the Port of Muskogee John T. Griffin Industrial Park. Industrial sites are available along this rail corridor at the Port of Muskogee’s John T. Griffin Industrial Park and the City of Muskogee’s Southside Industrial Park.

In 2020, 1,767 railcars, carrying 185,600 tons of cargo, moved through the Port of Muskogee.

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Regional Railroad Map


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