Foreign Trade Zone

More than just transportation advantages

Because the Port of Muskogee is designated by U.S. Customs as Foreign Trade Zone 164, Port Industries enjoy more than just transportation savings. Foreign Trade Zone benefits reduce costs and increase profits, giving Port Industries a competitive edge.


Here’s how it works

Merchandise in a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) is considered to be outside the US Customs territory; therefore, the merchandise is subject to duty only when it leaves the FTZ for consumption in the US market.  In some cases, the duty may be reduced or, in the event merchandise is exported, eliminated altogether.

While in an FTZ, merchandise may be stored, sold, exhibited, assembled, disassembled, repackaged, distributed, sorted, tested, graded, cleaned, mixed with other merchandise, otherwise manipulated, or destroyed.  The merchandise may also undergo manufacturing operations.  Merchandise subject to quota may be stored in an FTZ until a closed quota reopens.


Here are just some of the ways to save money in an FTZ

  • Deferral, reduction or elimination of duty
  • Reduced customs processing fees
  • Reduced insurance costs
  • Upgraded quality control
  • Elimination of custom clearance delays
  • Improved logistics for receiving imports or for obtaining export status
  • Security protection afforded/required for FTZ merchandise

Maybe it’s time your company considered the FTZ benefits available at the Port of Muskogee.