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The Port of Muskogee is strategically located near the confluence of the Arkansas, Verdigris and Grand Rivers, at River Mile 393.8 of the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System, the nation’s most inland all-weather waterway, linking Oklahoma with inland ports on the Ohio, Illinois and Mississippi Rivers, and sea ports around the world, via the Gulf of Mexico.

The waterway is well-suited for shipping a variety of bulk, break-bulk and liquid cargo including iron and steel, industrial minerals, asphalt, petroleum coke, molasses, fertilizer, grain and other agricultural products, coal and construction materials. Considering the variety of barges available and the increasing use of containerization, almost any product is suitable for transportation on the system.

In 2020, 410 barges, carrying 455,794 tons of cargo, moved through the Port of Muskogee.

Barge shipping combines high capacity with cost effectiveness. According to, one barge offers the carrying capacity equivalent in tons to 15 railroad cars or 60 semi-trailer trucks, while on average, a gallon of fuel allows one ton of cargo to be shipped 155 miles by semi-trailer truck, 413 miles by railcar and 576 miles by barge. For oversized and overweight cargo, barge shipping is the superior choice, particularly in combination with other multi-modal options.

As many as 14 local industries depend on access to the Port and waterway. These industries have invested more than $2 billion in their facilities and have created more than 2,500 jobs with a combined payroll in excess of $125 million annually.

At the Port of Muskogee, the possibilities are immeasurable with multimodal flexibility and speed, access to major highways and interstates, connection to two of the nation’s largest Class I rail-freight networks, as well as convenient air service. These competitive advantages are why it is time to invest in your future with us. We offer more than 100 acres of land, ready for development.

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Barge Shipping Time to and from Major Cities

CityBarge Days
Baton Rouge7
New Orleans8