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Quality Liquid Feeds

Quality Liquid Feeds is a nationwide, innovative leader in the developing and manufacturing of liquid feed supplements for animals.

QLF prides itself on being the largest user of domestic cane molasses.

For over 30 years, QLF has been an American family owned company with a reputation for marketing products based on quality, consistency and service.

QLF Products Include:

  • Cattle Feed Supplements
  • Dairy Liquid Feed Supplements
  • Feedlot Liquid Feed Supplements
  • Mill Animal Feed
  • QLF Specialty Products

The Muskogee animal feed supplement plant was established in 1987.

The plant is located in the Port of Muskogee with access to the Arkansas River for which the plant receives molasses barges, to having access to rail where they receive most of the plants ingredients.

The plant has 25 load out tank and 26 ingredient tanks. The plant has two truck scales for the convenience of the drivers coming in and out.

There are 131 different QLF products that are made at this facility.

The plant has 2 mixers for mixing feed one 50 ton, one 26 ton and one 12 ton mixer for mixing medicated feed. The plant has 2 boilers, a 125 Hp and a 60 Hp to keep products and ingredients at the right temperature.

During the months of September thru March, 600+ tons can be made in a day.

The plant is Safe Feed/Safe Food, FDA and FCI Certified through AFIA (American Feed Industry Association).

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