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Road Science, Division of ArrMaz

Road Science is a Tulsa, Oklahoma based technology and marketing company specializing in preservation, maintenance and recycling solutions for the road paving industry.  Road Science’s business model is based on the sale and licensing of differentiated asphalt products, application technologies and related services to enable better and longer lasting roads.

ArrMaz Custom Chemicals, Inc. is a chemical producer of a wide variety of process chemicals, which are custom formulated to meet customer specifications. ArrMaz Custom Chemicals is the leading producer of functional additives and process aids to the fertilizer and asphalt industries and is a significant provider of chemical products to the mining industry.  ArrMaz Custom Chemicals distributes its products in over 70 countries and production facilities in key locations worldwide.   ArrMaz’s AD-here® liquid antistrip additives are the world leader in promoting adhesion and protecting asphalt pavements from moisture damage.

Road Science’s technology and commercialization expertise, combined with ArrMaz’s custom asphalt additives, creates a unique, world class road solutions company.  The combined innovation, engineering, materials science, production and delivery capabilities allows Road Science to provide beginning-to-end customer solutions, ranging from custom designed chemicals, to complete application systems ensuring improved pavement performance and lower life cycle costs.

Road Science and ArrMaz’s asphalt business unit operates under the Road Science name as a division of ArrMaz Custom Chemicals, and is headquartered in Tulsa, OK.

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