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Alpha Aviation

Alpha Aviation was founded for the express purpose of training people to help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through missionary aviation.

Many established missionary aviation organizations of today have strict qualifying requirements to join them. Often, a pilot must have commercial, instrument and multi-engine ratings with 500 or more flight hours and a mechanic certificate. If a person does not meet these requirements, they will not even be considered as a candidate to work with these organizations.

Thier goal is to take a person who feels called to work as a missionary pilot/mechanic and prepare that person with the necessary qualifications to serve with other missionary organizations, or as an independent missionary.


  • Training Missionary Pilots and Mechanics
  • Ministry Licensing & Ordination
  • Missionary Support Services (for independent missionaries)
  • Aviaition Ministry Fellowship

Breakdown of Offerings:

  • Instruction in aircraft maintenance through "on the job training."
  • Complete pilot training.
  • Aircraft maintenance services to other ministries and missionary organizations and mission-minded businesses.
  • Preparation of aircraft for missions while training aircraft pilots and mechanics for mission service.
  • Pilot training in actual missionary operations.
  • Regular mission trips in support of missionaries and mission bases.
  • Delivery of medicines and supplies to third-world nations and for disaster relief.
  • Soul winning mission trips.
  • Transportation of personnel in support of missions.
  • Missionary support services.
  • Technical and flight training as a non-profit organization.
  • Aviation and Ministry Fellowship.
  • Alpha Aviation is supported by contributions from individuals, churches, other Christian organizations, relief and humanitarian organizations, and businesses of all types.
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